Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church, for over 100 years has existed to spread the love of Jesus Christ in the city of Columbus, Ohio. Since 1911, with just a few members, they began sharing the gospel through acts of kindness, evangelism, and community outreach. Some of today’s members of seniority can trace the history of Ephesus back to the church building on Cleveland Avenue that was acquired by the generosity of several members. It was in the years of infancy when the members were strongly dedicated to helping residents in the city of Columbus bot with their physical and spiritual needs. This was the focus that directed the church, and even though they personally did not have much—they were dedicated to a big God who empowered them to serve, sacrifice, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

From Cleveland Avenue, the church then relocated to E. 5th Avenue. Because of exponential growth and to accomplish the mission father church, it created the need for more space. It was here where Ephesus continued its active outreach to the community and sought to share the everlasting gospel to as many people who would hear. To further the mission of serving and sharing the gospel, the church relocated once again, this time it was to a building that was built on Sunbury Road in the northeast section of Columbus—where the church has been ministering for the last 30 years. As the mission continues to move forward, Ephesus continues to strive to be obedient to the call of God through witnessing and outreach.

Currently, Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church continues to strive to do what it has been called to do, which is make disciples of Jesus Christ. At present, we attempt to do this by being the Hands and Feet of Jesus. In making disciples, we introduce them to the power Jesus Christ and utilize our worship service as the entryway for people to experience His love. We then desire to connect them to various ministries that will enable them to develop and help grow their relationship with the Lord. Lastly, we strive to be intentional about having an impact and be effective in the northeast section of the city of Columbus by the grace of God.