Beginning June 26, 2021, worship service in the sanctuary will reopen with limited seating of 75 groups of up to 3 people. Adult Sabbath School classes will continue online from 10-11 AM. There will be no in-person Children’s Sabbath School classes at this time. To reserve your seat for worship services, please read the following policy first.

Please note: Registration will not be live until June 15.


Ephesus SDA Church COVID-19 Policy

Ephesus SDA Church is committed to the health of all who use the facilities and the safety of the premises. All who enter the church for meetings or any other purpose accept and agree to comply with the procedures and behaviors described in the policy. All persons who enter the church premises do so of their own will and at their own risk.

You must wear a mask.

Sit 6 feet apart. Family pods may sit together.

Stay at home if you have a fever, a cough, or feel ill.

Use the hand sanitizer that is provided in the foyer.

  • Individuals in heightened risk categories are encouraged to worship from home.
  • Tithes and offerings may be placed in the receptacle in the church foyer. Online giving is recommended.
  • Attendees are requested to exit the building immediately after the close of a meeting.

Worship Registration

  • Advance notice of attendance is required to adjust building capacity due to social distancing.
  • Families with more than 3 people should register twice.
  • Please avoid reserving seats two weeks in a row to give everyone a chance to worship in person.
  • Please do not register for the next week until the previous Sabbath is over. 

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