Reopening Frequently

Asked Questions


Are the requirements in this plan mandatory for ALL attendees, even if vaccinated?

Yes. For the safety of our congregation, those refusing to comply with the requirements of the plan will not be allowed to attend. Please do not plan to attend in-building services if you do not intend to comply with all requirements.

Where will we enter and exit?

The main foyer entrance will be used to enter and exit the church. If this area becomes too crowded, the deacons and/or greeters may direct traffic through additional entrances.

How many people will be allowed in the church at one time?

A maximum of 75 groups of up to 3 people will be allowed at each service.

What are the safety protocols?

  • Masks are required. Forgot your mask? Our greeters will cheerfully provide you with one.
  • Social distancing is required.
  • Sanitizing stations are available at all entrances.
  • Each meeting space will be sanitized after use.

Will I have to wear a mask in the church?

Yes. Masks will be required at all times. Currently, there is no medical exception to the mask requirement at our church. If for medical reasons you cannot wear a mask, we regretfully ask that you not attend our indoor service.

Who will enforce these protocols?

Every individual is responsible for following the safety protocols. If someone is found without a mask, a deacon will ask the person to put one on. If that individual is unwilling to abide by this policy, the deacon will ask them to return home and watch the service online.

Will there be temperature screening?

Yes. Temperatures will be taken before entry in advance of both services. You may enter the sanctuary up to 30 minutes before service starts if you do not want to be held up at the entrance.

Do I have to have a vaccine before returning to church?

No. Receiving the vaccine is not a requirement for attending church.

How will the building be sanitized?

The church building will be sanitized both before and after Sabbath services according to the guidelines prescribed by the CDC (see guidelines at

Will the members be notified if an attendee has COVID-19?

Yes. By attending the indoor service, you give permission for someone to generically announce (i.e., your name will not be used) if you had COVID-19 while at our worship service. This will alert others who may have been exposed to you at the worship service to be on the lookout for symptoms in themselves.

Worship Services

Will registration be required to attend worship?

No. As of July 7, 2021, registration will no longer be required.

Will there be social distancing in the pews, and how will seating work?

Yes. Please follow the instructions given by the ushers.

Will an offering be taken?

No. Offering plates will not be passed during the in-person service. Receptacles will be placed in the foyer. However, we highly encourage that you continue to give online or drop off during the week.

Will we be able to sing?

No. Due to how COVID-19 is transmitted, there will sadly be no congregational singing at this time. We will reinstate congregational singing as soon as we can do it safely. Special music, however, may still take place.

Will I have to wear a mask in the church the whole time? Or can I take my mask off after I am seated?

Yes. Masks will be required at all times.

Will we be allowed to congregate inside before or after church?

No. People will not be allowed to congregate or stay inside the church to socialize. We invite you to do so outside.


Will there be in-person Sabbath School?

  • Adults: At the time of opening, Sabbath School will continue online at 9 AM.
  • Children: In-person Children’s Sabbath Schools will begin at a later date.

Will there be Children’s Church?

Not at this time. However, we encourage all families with children ages 4 and up to register for future programming by using this form.

Will children be required to be masked?

Yes. Masks will be required at all times for everyone entering the building who is five years of age or older.